Representative Cases

  • Employment case involving 15 causes of action, including alleged age and disability discrimination, failure to engage in interactive process, et al.

  • Wage and hour case involving a Korea-town hotel.

  • Allegations of wrongful termination and pregnancy discrimination, among others.

  • Pre-filing allegations of disability discrimination (FEHA), failure to engage in interactive process, failure to prevent discrimination, retaliation (FEHA), harassment (FEHA), and wrongful termination in violation of public policy. The allegations were against a 40-year employee. Another factor in the mediation was the fact that the Woolsey fire had destroyed much of the defendant’s property.

  • Alleged discrimination and wrongful termination of ex-Marine civilian employee of U.S. military contractor in forward area of operations in Afghanistan.

  • Suit by paraplegic medical doctor against hospital and staffing corporation for failure to accommodate and wrongful discharge.

  • Allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wrongful discharge, failure to accommodate and engage in interactive process, plus whistleblower claims, by plaintiff with multiple health problems and extensive time off for surgeries.

  • Numerous cases alleging discrimination and/or wrongful discharge.

  • Allegations of invasion of privacy and wrongful termination

  • Sexual harassment claims against security systems employer.

  • Numerous wrongful termination cases.

  • Employment: sexual harassment.

  • Employment discrimination case against a museum in southern California.

  • Pre-filing employment case involving national veterans’ organization.

  • Employment case (sexual harassment and wage-and-hour violations) against iconic Hollywood hotel.

  • Wrongful termination (with parallel worker compensation case).

  • Employment: allegations of racial harassment of one salesperson and sexual harassment of another at auto dealership.

Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court (Retired)