Judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court (Retired)

  • Claim by "Fitness Pioneer" that landlord shopping center had improperly raised rent on one of her studios.

  • Competing claims of mis-management of golf and lake projects at 400+ home residential development.

  • Competing complaint and cross-complaint alleging breach of contract and associated business torts between a medical clinic and an electronic medical records (EMR) vendor, who were parties to a billing agreement.

  • Breach of contract action by major metropolitan utility against contractor involving dismantling and disposing of huge electric transformer. Defendant claimed that its bid was an obvious mistake and overvaluation of potential salvage value of components of the transformer.

  • Competing complaint and cross-complaint before Superior Court in northern California alleging breach of contract and associated business torts growing out of a Billing Service Agreementbetween a large medical clinic and an electronic medical records (EMR) service.

  • Numerous other cases involving allegations of breach of contract and/or fiduciary duty.

  • Owner/Contractor/Subcontractor disputes.

  • Allegations by U.S. retailer of contract breaches by manufacturer of teak furniture in Asia.

  • Allegations of fraud in sale of business.

  • Alleged breach of consultant contract involving DTLA restaurant.

  • Business breakup.

  • Unfair competition case arising in the Port Services industry.

  • Breach of contract/construction defect.

  • Dispute re manufacture and sale of scented candles.

  • Business “divorce.”
    Federal collection action re multi-million dollar judgment on breach of contract case between mortgage bank and mortgage purchaser/processor bank.

  • Breach of contract/embezzlement claims re business expenditures.

  • Case involving corporate governance and dissolution.

  • Allegation that one party fraudulently opened bank account in other party’s name and diverted funds.

  • Pre-filing dispute re commercial software and services agreements. Complex business arrangement settlement.

  • Case against water company re intrusion of polluted water into business office building.

  • Allegations of breach of contract and fraud in development of television-related smart phone application.

  • Federal court business dispute involving claims of unfair competition and “RICO” violations re manufacture of furniture in Indonesia.

  • Loan/collection dispute.

  • Business/real estate dispute over access and parking issues between adjacent properties in DTLA manufacturing district (mediation conducted on site).

  • Business/collections dispute between chair manufacturer and office furniture retailer.

  • Allegations of theft/conversion/receipt of stolen bulk paper and cardboard container elements.

  • Licensing dispute: parties agree to narrow range and clear process to make a new licensing deal as part of settlement.

  • Business case involving seafood wholesaler and processing plaint; settlement consisted of crafting new business deal.

  • Alleged breach of contract involving $500,000 business investment to qualify for EB-5 investor visa.

  • Numerous cases involving allegations of breach of contract and/or fiduciary duty


Representative Cases